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The Other Farm

One farm lies 8 feet below sea level, in the peat meadows of the Netherlands. The other farm is at 750 feet in the hills of Vermont in the USA. But they have so much in common: the same family has been farming each one for three generations; they witnessed prosperity, and the increase in scale of agriculture; each made the leap to organic farming.

For eleven years, photographer and writer Ellen Kok followed life on
De Beekhoeve in Kamerik and Lilac Ridge Farm in Brattleboro, asked questions and took photos.

Date of Publication: July 2015
Place of Publication: Linschoten, The Netherlands
Graphic Design: Peter Jonker, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Printer: Altijddrukwerk, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Softcover, dimensions 210 x 297 mm
Binding: Perfectbound
Number of Pages: 64 pages
Number of Photographs: 56 in black & white and color
With a written story of over 20,000 words
English edition size: 500
ISBN 978-90-81939-61-4
Publisher: Netherlight / Self-Published

$ 15
Store - The Other Farm

Ellen Kok

Ellen Kok is a photographer and writer from the Netherlands, who combines photo essays with written stories. She mainly works on long-term projects and self-publishes under her imprint Netherlight.
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